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The next samsara, I looking for is still you

Misty rain meng meng, meng meng misty rain, of rain, also dazzling my thoughts. The handfuls of umbrella, which one will be your coming? Can anything in this world, how can like the legendary story, there are so many chance encounter? I know that even walk from rain to cloud rain ji, also can't see you to. But I, is looking forward to the next step in the footsteps of just raised, Dream beauty pro is the miracle of met you. I've been waiting, even if wait until sides of stains, I also regretless. You are my feelings can't walk out of the spell, life breath, pulse beat, all is for you! 
Miss you, every moment is in careful you. Don't know when, have full is full of your shadow. Want to wave don't go, don't go to wipes, I desperately, also had to be immersed in the image of dieyin, miss you. Think of you with every beat of heart, walk, drive, when you eat -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know, what time, I'll put you forget, let I no longer bear the hardest acacia, don't torment yourself. I have turned into a drop of blood red bean, the red talk, is you old also don't see my accomplishments. 
Drops of tears from endless lovesickness, stone has condensed the red bean. I have put the red bean plant in my emotion in the field of ground spanning tree, forest. XiangSiLin leaf shadows, a gust of wind is calling for you, but you don't understand this call voice, let I can only let the acacia red beans, zero completion of mud. Dust to dusts, dirt to dirts. But I fell in the heart, but where to find their own home? Let it with the red beans into the soil, but it is afraid to fall. The mud acacia flavour is thicker than the also in my heart, Dream beauty pro into mud red beans, have the lovesickness rooted in at the foot of every inch of land. 
I prefer to miss you, I would rather keep in your world, the in the mind imagine every time and you meet. I weave every plot, to see you smile, turn again, everything became a blank lens, and I can only is independent in chilly changfeng, desperate to you. I understand what is called the tossing and turning, closed his eyes and seemed to have the room you, think you, the moon, the moon and missed, rain, rain go again, but I do only miss you. In think you hazy sleep, there is no iron horse ice dream, the dream is a warm, each in a dream not missing you. 
Day blue misty rain, and I'm waiting for you. Day cyan, etc to the misty rain, and I stood meng meng in the misty rain, even if the trapping yourself, also see you surprised hong. This world is like this, I love the people, can only give me a bone-deep acacia, is not willing to give me what I want, even if it is a little bit of tenderness. Love me the person, but I don't want to tender gently holding hands, even if the tip of the finger touching, feel is a kind of deep helpless. I really hate the god, why not let people to stay away from emotional? So, it would be a carefree trip to the world of mortals, days would be blue, all the flowers will be exceptionally bright! 
Can have no emotion to life, the person will be like a idiot, white in the world through time. So prefer to fill all the thorns, and are willing to go to kiss the thorns on their favorite that flower. Regrets, I throw. Between love and hate crazy, emotional struggle again and again, all become 1: in order to you, I would like to! In order to you, I would like to go with you, longer and longer, even if is to walk to the cliffs, I won't go away. In order to you, I'm still watching a sunrise and sunset, read the sound of your heart, kiss your head was infected with the aging of hair, and you together, HKUE amec is the meaning of life! 
The story of so many, so many words. Can those who don't belong to me a, belong to me only me and hopeless miss you at this time. If life is an endless long night, you are the lips of fireworks, brighten my hope, give me a little warm, also burn in the night my endless thoughts. River sunset, even if is my last day, can you hand with me, I also think it is a flawless beauty of life. When you are around, even closed his eyes, the next samsara, I looking for is you!