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The growth of the quiet

The growth of the quiet For the first time to experience the feeling of crying is small, sleep in the middle of the night was wake up crying myself. Slept with have already forgotten why cry, grandma was I wake up, indeed, in the middle of the night in the countryside this let people fear, not to mention a few years old children cry so sad... 
Again a bit bigger, grandma left with his mother came to the city, for the first time cry because it is parting. At that time is too small, cried several times after miss the mind is weak... But cry because it is parting feelings still remember. 
One year, I was surrounded by students isolated, then feel who will come to see me trouble, very afraid. Now think of, the classmate is not for me, but I am not good at expressing, had the misunderstanding is not unlock, time grew, and nature is big. I still remember the feeling, the in the mind be heavy pressure, is unable to move himself. 
From then on I rarely cry, perhaps know, cry, does not solve the problem of nature, I am not because that let a person feel weak and let the people...