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Have a haircut

Recent don't know why, I can not lift spirit to always write, always likes scratching his head, get all over the table, I gathered a human hair, I think it's time to have your hair cut! Is the so-called, cut, Richard also unceasingly, is long hair, Dream beauty pro or a heap of trouble in my heart? I touched the long hair, decided to go to cut hair, by the way, could you also cut off my heart a lot of trouble! 
Step out almost a week without the door, like the end of the retreat LianGongZhe, I feel a little strange to walk on the streets of the rough. Turn left out of the gate is a small street, on both sides of the street there will be a lot of hair cut for a long time the flow of the archives mouths, could you kindly call this street "street" haircut! They put up two thick bamboo, covered with two or three xian-yan zhang thick red, white and blue tape, which became a their archives mouths rain ceiling; Relative to a chair, put up a big mirror on the wall, all kinds of cutting tools with stuffed in a box, little also not, of course, a hot water bottle filled with hot water! This is what they seem humble, but well equipped "barbershop." The sparrow is small, all-sided! 
Than have relatively more formal barbershop, comfortable environment, of course, their small archives mouths are not comparable, so a little rich man seems to be little crumbs in hair cut to the small street stalls, have to go to my house this way only while enjoying the fan a haircut in a barbershop. (in fact, I personally think his hair in the shop or on the roadside stalls haircut, everybody is cutting, are all the same!) But small archives mouths also have their own advantages. Compared to the barber shop, their biggest advantage is cost is not high, the price cheap advantage! And a haircut is necessary service life Dream beauty pro, as long as they don't need to start sorrow no business to do, after all, everyone have your hair cut! Don't like formal barber shop need to burden more and more high rent, they don't need pay rent to anybody in the street stalls. Since it is low cost, so they have no reason to like formal barbershop add cost on a haircut costs, so in their side hair generally will be cheaper than in the store up to half, cut the hair of the same, for example, a haircut in the shop you need to spend 5 yuan while on the side of the road cutting, need only 2. 5 yuan, you can choose where to go to cut hair? I don't understand why a lot of people like to spend dozens or even hundreds of pieces in decorate luxurious barbershop ask stylist to help them cut a little bit of hair, maybe everyone's values are different from money!!!! May I cut hair, and they would say, elder brother is not your hair cut, but the emotional appeal! 
But we also don't think they place files easily on the street, although say a haircut is a demand, but sometimes hard to avoid in the archives mouths sit idle all day and no one is to cut hair, there are usually windy rain would say, remember before we create civilized city in order to let the leadership see a "relatively clean streets, they were ordered to forbid to open files in street, they had to run hard to maintain their business! 
Influenced by my parents, all these years I've always loved to street barber haircut, in addition to like the price they rarely raised, every time go to cut hair, whenever to wait for a haircut, I like picked up the newspaper read slowly, that kind of feeling really great! I think the best time is waiting for cutting cutting time Dream beauty pro, isn't it? No don't worry, looking at a more leisurely pace newspaper isn't it a enjoyable thing? 
Really, now a haircut for me is not just so simple, it may also be a form of relief! Then I can say, elder brother is not your hair cut, but lonely, but worries!