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Is life

Bai Shi's painting is light, clear and several pens, charm all in one. The shrimp is transparent, pen and ink is concise, vivid life, was so true to life likeness. Banqiao bamboo is black, a few bar simple quiet, a few pieces of sparse, electrical desk let a person feel what is the strength of character. Don't draw water, see water. Don't write wind, is the wind. Self is the light got really taste, painting in between like and do not like, emptiness and fullness, thick and short, rigid and soft, gentle and steep, all the contradictions are here the unity, integration. Only to be sensed, not explained, this is the realm of Zen, is. The poetry of Wang Wei, Liu Zongyuan's comedy, is got pale charm. Wei's "no mountains, but I think I hear a voice", "spring stone upper, compared to the moon", the emptiness is form, Form is emptiness of Zen, interpretation of a seamless heavenly robe. The vast fly Qianshan bird Liuzi ", nobody trail. Boat and Li Weng, cold river in the snow "also got Zen really boring, empty inside, inclusive. The Yongzhou eight essays, self is cold and pale in Zen incense flow.

Life is a book to read a thick, thin and reading process. Out of nothing, read poetry rolls; and from the poem read empty rolls. From there, from without, in fact, is a reincarnation. Heart such as mirror, seeing things, no increase or decrease the. Read a thousand ten thousand volumes, the breakthrough thousand sails, after thousands of people, dyed? No, still not dirt net. The heart of things, all the heart out Amethyst earrings, birth and death yet? No, is still Neither dying nor being born. People are hurrying to and fro. cloud to cloud to heaven, the way, the Buddha said that all illusion, where to?

A book, read the word. A cup of tea, tasted tasteless. Light of the sun, the light rain, light fragrance, light mood. The highest but not arrogant, in the house and not low, the life is empty, but is that a cup of loess a hundred years later, even the loess is not available, flower of the ordinary, People are hurrying to and fro. unusual. To the world, there is no a readable book. Far as the sixth patriarch of Zen Buddhist verses: "bodhi tree, nor stand der. Original none thing, where the dust." Tranquility of body and mind, completely free.

Blue open valley, not sad. Orchid opened in downtown, not like. Who can say, the valley of deep blue, not beautiful? Who can say mountain hermit, monk Lu where the monks, there is no happiness? The son of fish, how can you know the fish is happy! A deep valley Valley in music, a downtown downtown in music, in the deep valley where it blooms, Study Tour still in full bloom in the downtown. This is the life of normal,. Life is not life practice where, when not to practice? With the serene quiet stance of pure living atmosphere, with elegant tranquil aromatic interpretation of life connotation.