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With tears singing her ex-husband works Jianai "

Aries Huang Qishan said, like to listen to people call her "yellow mother. In the recording of this program, she cried, she sang "Jianai". This is her ex-husband wrote to her, but the two musical ideas on the differences led to the breakdown of the marriage solar executive gifts and premium, she has not been on stage to sing the song Tu Huiyuan. Over and over, her lips bleeding ......

"This song is the story of history, can they get to the people's hearts ..." was originally Haiquan a simple introduction, made being climate Taiwan Huang Qishan a sour heart could not stop the tears want to flow. Stage, an opening to sing, cry, they get emotional place, Huang Qishan even squatting down. "Not intentionally designed really to this situation.

Chances are I'm not squat any other action, I do not know. Can not help but to this moment, the changes in your body is what has happened, it would go down it. "Over and over, the attentive audience found Huang Qishan lips broken." After I finished singing their own bit his lip, forcing myself not to cry too hard, bleeding lips KD furniture. Huang Qishan said the concert "Jianai this way past a farewell.

In Huang Qishan seems the feelings of the music expression, is really no way to use text to talk. "Anyway today, splinters splinters." In fact, Huang Qishan sing this song to know, is this the result, which is singing their own song. "Regarded across it, next time maybe sing will not like this, after all, this is the first time in formal occasions concert."

Select "Jianai" This song won a very high degree of concern, but also full of risk. After all, this is the softest place Huang Qishan mind. Huang Qishan also admitted that he would not otherwise choose this song. "This is the first time I sang in a formal arena." Choose a song, she is also very clear what it means. "I did not vote for this song, but director Hongtao told me, if you talk about his past, how can this paragraph do not speak?"

Huang Qishan bravely face their own past, Regardless of technical perfection, but the share of love can certainly impress the scene everyone. Of course, it was also very nervous. "To make this decision, she is also very tangled we all know, this song for her what it means, we may not be able to experience the emotions this song on our team, we also realized in The game is also risky.

Afternoon and opened for discussion, whether or not to sing, we also expected that she will get out of control white wine. After all, in accordance with the provisions of this round is to use the song in terms of story, this song contains her too emotional. Final studio decided by voting. "Zhou Xiaolei, Huang Qishan music studio music director, told reporters that even he thinks," from the perspective of the game, play tonight is out of control. '