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Never seen the sea

  Clear autumn in October, got into the town of reading, there are always endless rain, with no end in sight of the sky. Walk in the rain Massage Chair, also unavoidably ask yourself why are displaced, even if the travel is my lingering heart, shouldn't he seeks out for himself a rest harbour? 
Why travel? Why the stray maybe I will never to think about this, but time is short, so have to ask yourself "have no dream, why the distance". 
Remember, a singer with the voice of the dumb in the song "no dream, why the distance", shock to my heart. Travel, originally only dream. Dream is the meaning of the journey. 
I more than once thought, driving a car rough off-road vehicles, tall through loess ashes in Tibet, and those who have made my life a bit of slumber land flush with vitality and passion, but all this to me, what is the meaning? Than to go to Tibet to be a simple teacher, use lifetime to offer education, but also feel the folkway. 
Dream, is a great word , because no matter how you want to do, as long as a dream of you and will looks very noble. Of course, the word also unimportant, so many people walking just throw him over the road in the long river of memory. Sometimes I tell myself, Propecia or a friend, a dream is the insist, because dream is good distance. 
Never seen the sea ORM, but I have been in stray, because the sea is my dream in my heart. Without a dream, not far away...