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Willing to do

As if the sound when be born, mom became really mom. Ruthless years overload, left the clues of the vicissitudes of life. Childhood will only 1 vigorously "mom!" "Mom!" To call, but my mother really was I'm old, I am filled with guilt beyond talk. 
I have calculated the years until I can live and work independently, at least 11 years. Parents look at the full digital paper, lightly smile, don't know is laughed at by eleven years less, nuskin hk or eleven of the spring and autumn period and the helpless, perhaps, between them in small Numbers, saw his gray-haired flow of them. At that time, I was elated after hiding in the paper. 
People of the lost, will cherish. The value of old, to sigh the youth. When the mother is defined as the old woman, the appearance of the mother to Epiphany, she irrigation my youth, but kill her life, this kind of at a loss of business, there is only a mother can do, willing to do, do cheering wildly. If for no other, only a feeling, a great mother. 
Mother made the old in the summer vacation, because of the heavy work, a bow, spinal nerve is squeezed, dizziness, no matter where, have to stop action, such as eyes clear. Mother storage years of hardship and sorrow in the most vulnerable place erupted. Good for a period of time, mother not lower the head to eat, nuskin hk don't look down at the TV. What to do and always try to head up high. Strange posture always feel uncomfortable, that is love and the eyesight of the collision of bear hardships and stand hard work. The sight of the heart it hurts don't consciously, no mood. Peep mother, guilt and shame in paralysis of the heart that can only speak like a book with wings, a fly out, artificial tears, perfecting the tear ducts. I will fly in such, mother smell intoxicating fragrance. 
Mother, even if the body disease, Dream beauty pro don't leave today's work till tomorrow. Bed is really comfortable, mother dragged the heavy head; Climb up "finish it see me, and breath!" This is my mother. One for my sad tears, mother told me to be strong; A constant holding a bunch of bread biscuits into my room, disturb my study, and then leave the mother good mood; 
A look at me to eat fruit will happy mother. Sharp arrows of the time, however, without discretion waving in my mother, but I will be the most warm gold medicine, heal wounds, precipitation beauty. 
My mother said, I am ordinary, but when you have kids, you would understand my joys and sorrows. Mother, ah, you can't do ordinary, Dream beauty pro because every time you compose the myth.